Shutdown Management


Shutdown Management

Plant shutdown management is an essential requirement to operations in the West Australian mining and resources industry for several reasons. A plant shutdown is a scheduled period of time where production is stopped to allow for maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to be carried out on the plant or equipment.

At SHEQ Management, we specialised in plant shutdown and contractor management and can help businesses manage this important activity.

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Our focus is always on the following:

Safety: Mining and resources operations involve heavy machinery and hazardous materials, and regular maintenance and inspections are essential to ensure the safety of workers and the surrounding environment. Shutdowns provide an opportunity for inspections, repairs, and upgrades to be carried out safely.

Production efficiency: Shutdowns involve the simultaneous operations of various activities by a number of work groups. Adequate safety planning and management will enable the safe execution of works to the schedule program, thus minimising the risk of costly overruns.

Compliance: The mining and resources industry is subject to strict regulations and standards, and appropriate shutdown and contractor management can help to ensure that the scheduled works are carried out safety and in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.

Cost-effectiveness: Shutdown overruns can be expensive. SHEQ Management can help to minimise costs through careful planning and management of associated risks for the safe and timely execution within scheduled timeframes.

Long-term asset management: Shutdown management can also help to extend the life of plant and equipment by ensuring that maintenance and repairs are carried out on a regular basis, and that upgrades are made to keep the plant and equipment operating at peak efficiency.