Incident Investigations


Incident Investigations

SHEQ Management delivers on the essential process of structured and approved incident investigation.

Our team helps organisations to identify the root causes of incidents and develops recommendations to prevent similar incidents from recurring in the future.

SHEQ’s investigation process is conducted by a team of experts with relevant technical expertise and this may involve collaboration with regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.

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The investigation process follows the following steps:

Notification: Certain types of incidents and injuries are classified as notifiable or reportable incidents which must be reported to the relevant regulatory authorities within specified timeframes.

Scene preservation: The incident site is secured, and the area is made safe for investigators and necessary emergency or specialist personnel to enter. Evidence and relevant information are collected for the investigation and preserved for further analysis as required.

Investigation planning: An investigation team is assembled, including personnel with relevant technical expertise, as well as representatives from the company, workers, and any relevant regulatory bodies. An investigation plan is developed, which outlines the scope of the investigation, the methods, and techniques to be used, and the expected timeframe for completion.

Data collection: The investigation team collects information and data related to the incident, such as witness statements, physical evidence, and records of relevant processes and procedures.

Analysis: The collected data is analysed to identify the cause(s) of the incident, including any underlying factors or systemic issues.

Recommendations and reporting: Based on the analysis, the investigation team develops recommendations to prevent similar incidents from recurring in the future. These recommendations are presented in a formal report.

Implementation: The company implements the recommendations as necessary.

Incident investigation is an important process for companies, as it helps to promote safety, protect workers and the environment, and improve organisational performance. By conducting thorough and effective investigations, companies can identify and address the root causes of incidents and prevent similar incidents from recurring in the future.