Containers for Change – Recycling for Value

Why should your business be interested in Containers for Change?

Well – in WA alone we use more than 1.3 billion eligible containers each year. This is enough to line a path from Perth to Broome. In WA drink containers make up about 44% of all litter. In comparison, in South Australia containers account for less than 3% of litter. South Australia has operated a similar container deposit scheme since 1977. It therefore makes sense to support the container deposit recycling scheme here in WA.

Containers for Change in WA will also provides exciting fundraising opportunities for schools, local sports clubs, community groups, charities, etc.,. It will create hundreds of jobs across WA.

The aim of Containers for Change is to:

  • reduce litter and landfill
  • increase recycling
  • create jobs
  • provide opportunities for social enterprise and benefits for community organisations

How will it work:

  1. Sign up for a Scheme ID
  2. Collect eligible containers
  3. Return your containers to refund points
  4. Collect (or donate) your refund

For more information on Containers for Change, how it works and which containers are eligible please visit:

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